Website Maintenance, Security & Performance Plans

A website that is well maintained, becomes a key asset to your business, but this goes beyond the basic content updates required to keep the site fresh and relevant.

Phoenix Web Design has developed a simple and cost-effective plan structure to provide three key services to keep your website performing perfectly.

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Our Plan Covers Your Websites:


We’ll keep implementing code and design fixes if anything breaks. Additionally, we’ll keep all plugins updated. In a worst case scenario, if your site is hacked or there is a hosting issue, we’ll restore the site to full working order.


We’ll ensure your site is always as secure as possible. This will be achieved by updating the core WordPress/Woocommerce engine and implementing any relevant security plugins. Finally, we’ll implement a comprehensive backup regime covering monthly and incremental backups of the site database and all content.


We’ll make sure that your site runs as fast as possible by implementing and maintaining a CDN system (Content Delivery Network) and optimisation of the site content itself using best practices available.

Our website maintenance plans are critical to ensuring that your site perorms optimally, is protected from attacks and can be restored quickly if the worst happens. For a small yearly fee, plus the purchase of a number of hours, to cover ongoing maintenance, you’ll enjoy complete peace of mind. The hours required will be assessed before we begin and you’ll enjoy complete transparency with our monthly reports.

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